Live @ Vantastival 2017

Deep Retreat 

December 2016



The Hermit's Paint Brush 

This short video piece was commissioned for The Cabinet of the Solar Plexus landmark exhibition of international esoteric and arcane art, which featured works by legendary figures such as Austin Osman Spare, Hans Bellmer, and Leonor Fini - amongst many others.
For this piece Andy (Andreuch O'Maonaigh) examined his past experiences with temporal lobe, petit mal and grand mal seizures, and how these altered states informs his ongoing aural and visual explorations.
The soundscape features a segment of the AMOON song "Devil's Paintbrush" with additional audio recorded of him having a temporal lobe seizure and attempting to explain his experience as a neural storm projects him into a state of bi-location. 
The visual aesthetics try to convey a sense of internal/external dislocation while all the time trying to induce a hypnotic state in the viewer.


Live @ Open Night Cinema

The last Open Night Cinema ( a non-profit 'pop-up' cinema that lives, breathes and sleeps in a large atmospheric industrial space in Dublin 8) of 2015 saw the creation STONE BOAT EXHAUSTED, an explosive filmed record of their final project of 2015. This feature film documents an entirely improvised cinematic experience by members and friends of Open Night Cinema.
On the very same night AMOON had the pleasure of performing a partially improvised set that reflected the space from within it took place. In this film there is footage the live AMoOn set as well as outtakes from the evenings of the overall performance with Guerilla Aerial, Unbend Leg Out and ONC.


Edit/Camera: Andy Mooney
Music: AMOON

AMooN & Diarmuid MacDiarmada Live Improvisation

The audio from this film was recorded live at the The Lestrygonian Sessions in The Red Bank 1736 Wine Tavern in Dublin in November 2015 and features a live improvisation bteween AMooN (Andy Mooney) and Diarmuid MacDiarmada. The visuals were filmed in various locations between 2013 and 2015 by Andy Mooney.

AMooN & Brian Conniffe ~ Dolorosa Reverie 

Back in 2012/2013 myself and two other friends had the great fortune to make a 13 part TV series called Generator, about the arts in Ireland. As part of this TV series we also curated 2 exhibitions, and profiled 12 artists. One of the artists we profiled was the inspirational and wonderful and talented Dolorosa De La Cruz. As with most of the curated artist profiled for the show, I was collaborating with various musicians to make the soundtrack for each profile piece. For this particular musical collaboration it was a obvious choice to work with old friend Brian Conniffe as the artist is a mutual friend. 
It seemed like a bit of a waste to let this musical piece that was created to have visual accompaniment to sit idle, so I decided to make this film and re-purpose the original footage of Dolorosa's art into a psychedelic feast for the senses. 


Recorded and produced by Brian Conniffe
Chinese Gourd Flute and Voice by Andy Mooney
Drones by Brian Conniffe


Filmed by Andy Mooney, Roisin Blade and David Gillespie
Edited by Andy Mooney

Deep - Cinekid Amsterdam 2015 

DEEP is a meditative and psychoactive VR game that is controlled by breathing. Players don the Oculus Rift and the custom DEEP controller to explore a beautiful and mysterious undersea world. Allow the game to sweep you into its relaxing embrace as it teaches you yogic breathing techniques that can relieve stress, anxiety and mild depression. Take a DEEP breath and soar beneath the waves to meet ancient gods and strange lifeforms. 

In 2015 myself and Owen Harris (lead game designer) made a trip to Amsterdam to the Cinekid festival where his VR creation Deep was on exhibition. This short film shows a bit of our adventure as well as featuring his speech from the festival.


Camera/Edit: Andy Mooney

Music: Andy Mooney

Featuring: Owen Harris

CEO Experment


Michael Buckley 

The CEO Experiment is an unique Trio which combines delicate atmospherics and highly creative improvisations oscillating between almost every genre in Jazz. For this show supporting Cory Henry's Revival Project in the sugar club, they were joined by legendary saxophonist Michael Buckley.

Cameras: Andy Mooney, Fionntàn MacCàba and Dublin Jazz Photography

Edit/sound: Andy Mooney

Alfred 23 Harth,

Kazuhisa Uchihashi & ¡NO

 A Live Improvisation 

An improvisation with Alfred 23 Harth, Kazuhisa Uchihashi and ¡NO. Filmed at Tengu Izakaya Dublin.

Camera/editing/sound: Andy Mooney


Double Negative 

Live @ Canalaphonic

This film of Twinkranes was shot at the Canalaphonic festival at Portobello, Dublin in 2015.

Camera/Sound: Andy Mooney

Manden Express 


Manden Express is a Dublin-based international band, fusing traditional and contemporary styles of West African music from the Mande Empire, alongside infectious Latin and Afrobeat rhyhms. Inspired by village, Wassalou (Oumou Sangare) styles and the explosion of new musical influences that merged with African music in the 1960’s it blends Kamele n’goni harp, djembe, and drums with Electric bass and guitar to produce stomping grooves and hypnotic time patterns.


Camera: Andy Mooney & Susan Gleeson

Edit: Andy Mooney

Gavin Proir & Shane Clear Live Improvisation 

This live improvisation was filmed at Tengu, Dublin on the 17th of October 2015 and features Gavin Prior and Shane Clear.

Gavin: Guitarist/Producer Gavin Prior currently plays in the Free Jazz/Metal trio Tarracóir and the acapellyptic vocal group The Primal Barber Trio. He is also known for playing in the noise duo Toymonger and as a former member of United Bible Studies.

Shane: Shane plays trumpet and other various wind based contraptions with Tongue Bundle who deal in "Papal funk with a jazz arse", as well as the Barry People and ESB.


Camera: David Gillespie, Andy Mooney
Sound/Post: Andy Mooney
Edit: Andy Mooney

Alfred 23 Harth & Kazuhisa Uchihashi
Live In Dublin
Chapter 1 

Alfred Harth, now known as Alfred 23 Harth or A23H, is a German multimedia artist, band leader, multi-instrumentalist musician, and composer who creatively mixes genres.

Kazuhisa Uchihashi is a Japanese guitarist involved in free improvisation music. Born in 1959 in Osaka, Uchihashi began to play the guitar at age 12, playing in various rock bands, though he later studied jazz music.


This film was shot on the 17th Oct 2015 at Tengu, Dublin and was put on in a collaboration between the Goethe Institut  and Concrete Soup.


Camera: Andy Mooney & David Gillespie
Post editing and sound: Andy Mooney

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