AMOON is the cross genre music of composer, improviser and bandleader Andy Mooney.

AMOON has been slowly growing, mutating and multiplying since first coming into existence in 2009. Currently (2018) the group consists of a foundational 3 piece featuring...


  • Andy Mooney: Guitars, electronics, samples, percussion.

  • Dave Mooney: Bass, electronics, percussion

  • Diarmuid MacDiarmada: Drums, percussion, bells and whistles

AMOON ~ MoonBlade (Live @ Vantastival 2017)

AMOON ~ The Hermit's Paint Brush

This short video piece was commissioned for The Cabinet of the Solar Plexus landmark exhibition of international esoteric and arcane art. For this piece Andy examined his past experiences with temporal lobe, petit mal and grand mal seizures, and how these altered states informs his ongoing aural and visual explorations. The soundscape features a segment of the AMOON song "Devil's Paintbrush" with additional audio recorded of him having a temporal lobe seizure and attempting to explain his experience as a neural storm projects him into a state of bi-location. The visual aesthetics try to convey a sense of internal/external dislocation while all the time trying to induce a hypnotic state in the viewer.

AMOON ~ Improvisation Alpha Howaya (sept 2016)

Amoon live rehearsal improvisation, recorded September 2016.

Featuring: Andy Mooney, Dave Mooney, Diarmuid MacDiarmada and Tom Moore

AMOON (Solo) Live @ Open Night Cinema

The last Open Night Cinema ( a non-profit 'pop-up' cinema that lives, breathes and sleeps in a large atmospheric industrial space in Dublin 8) of 2015 saw the creation STONE BOAT EXHAUSTED, an explosive filmed record of their final project of 2015. This feature film documents an entirely improvised cinematic experience by members and friends of Open Night Cinema. On the very same night AMOON had the pleasure of performing a partially improvised set that reflected the space from within it took place. In this film there is footage the live AMoOn set as well as outtakes from the evenings of the overall performance with Guerilla Aerial, Unbend Leg Out and ONC.

AMooN & Diarmuid MacDiarmada Live Improvisation

The audio from this film was recorded live at the The Lestrygonian Sessions in The Red Bank 1736 Wine Tavern in Dublin in November 2015 and features a live improvisation between AMooN (Andy Mooney) and Diarmuid MacDiarmada (in fact our first time collaborating!). The visuals were filmed in various locations between 2013 and 2015 by Andy Mooney.

AMooN & Brian Conniffe ~ Dolorosa Reverie

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