Devoloping The Soundscape For A Mysterious Virtural World

As of late I have had the extreme pleasure and good fortune to work with game devoloper/inivator, inspirational human and old friend Owen LL Harris, who has devoloped an "experience" for the virtural reality head set Oculas Rift. I could try describe this expansive experience myself, but I feel this is best left to Mr Harris himself, so here he is in his own words.


"Breathe in. The lights around you glow and intensify. Breathe out. The glow diminishes. Take a deep breath. You rise up and glide across the seascape. 

DEEP is a meditative and psychoactive VR game that is controlled by breathing. Players don the Oculus Rift and the custom DEEP controller to explore a beautiful and mysterious undersea world. Allow the game to sweep you into its relaxing embrace as it teaches you yogic breathing techniques that can relieve stress, anxiety and mild depression. Take a DEEP breath and soar beneath the waves to meet ancient gods and strange lifeforms. 

The custom controller measures diaphragm expansion in order to sense deep breathing. This information is fed back to the player in a variety of visual cues, intimately linking their consciousness and breath. The environment's layout gently encourages the player to slow their breath, to sink deeper and relax. It can be played for therapeutic or aesthetic reasons, and does not require the use on arms, legs or hands."

Theme For Tribeca Film Festival Build

Envisioning A Theme

Creature of the DEEP

DEEP Breath

Deep Retreat: December 2016

Deep - Cinekid Amsterdam 2015


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